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Note No. Item


Members' apologies for absence


In the absence of Cllr Ely it was RESOLVED that Cllr Stephens be elected to take the chair for the meeting.


It was RESOLVED that the apologies for absence and the absence without apologies shown above be noted.


Members' declarations of interest in matters on the agenda

(Under the Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012, made under s30 (3) of the Localism Act, members are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting)



No declarations of interest were made.


Minutes of the previous committee meeting pdf icon PDF 308 KB


It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the last meeting held on 31 August 2021 be approved as a correct record of proceedings.


Public speaking time

To receive representations or questions from members of the public on matters on the agenda (please note this item will generally be restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes in total, individuals may speak for a maximum of 3 minutes each).


Members of the public who wish to make spoken representations should contact the Town Clerk (ideally by email) no later than 12 noon on the day before the day of the meeting to register to speak.  Alternatively written representations should be submitted by email to arrive no later than 12 noon on the day before the day of the meeting using the email address below.


Contact details:

Delia Shephard, Town Clerk

01908 649469


Please be aware that council meetings may be recorded including representations made by members of the public.   The Town Council continues to implement safety measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.  Thank you for wearing a face-covering during meetings and for observing other restrictions in place at this venue.  The restrictions are in place for the safety of all.  If you require more information about the health and safety measures in place please contact the Clerk.




There were no representations from members of the public.


Review of Planning Applications due to be considered by Milton Keynes Council


21/02639/FUL - Land To The Rear of 73 - 77 Victoria Road Bletchley Milton Keynes MK2 2NZ - Erection of two x3-bedroom detached houses pdf icon PDF 144 KB


It was RESOLVED that the Town Council would object to the proposed development on the basis that the parking proposed did not meet the requirements of MK Council’s Parking SPD.


21/02699/PANOTH - Sir Herbert Leon Academy Fern Grove Bletchley Milton Keynes MK2 3HQ - Prior notification for the installation of 3 no. tripods, 6 no. antenna, 2 no. 600mm dishes, 6 no. equipment cabinets and associated ancillary development thereto. pdf icon PDF 85 KB


It was RESOLVED that the Town Council would make no comments on the proposed development.


21/02776/CLUP - 121 Pinewood Drive Bletchley Milton Keynes MK2 2HY - Certificate of Lawfulness for the proposed loft conversion with rear box dormer and front roof lights pdf icon PDF 86 KB


It was RESOLVED that the Town Council would make no comments on the certificate of lawfulness.


21/02791/DISCON - Land To The South of Princes Way And West of Albert Street Bletchley - Approval of details required by conditions 4 (Surface Water Drainage), 5 (Finished Floor Levels), 7 (Wastewater Strategy) and 8 (AMS) of permission ref. 21/00679/FULMMA pdf icon PDF 80 KB


It was RESOLVED that the Town Council would make no comments on the discharge of conditions.


Financial management information report showing income and expenditure against budget for the year to 31 August 2021 pdf icon PDF 224 KB

Additional documents:


Following discussion about Albert St WCs was RESOLVED that the report be noted.  The Clerk advised that at the next meeting a detailed review of the half year position was planned as the September accounts would then be available.


Members also discussed the remaining Sport England EMR containing £14,640.00 in funds. As it was now at least 6 years since this project relating to this funding had been delivered it was RESOLVED to  recommend to full council that the funds in this reserve be transferred to the EMR for the Lakes Estate and the Sport England reserve be closed. The reason for this was that the project had been aimed primarily at increasing levels of activity among residents in the Lakes Estate.


Council's cash and investment reconciliations to 31 August 2021


It was RESOLVED that the reconciliations and statements be noted.


It was agreed that there were still insufficient bank signatories on the Council bank accounts and it was RESOLVED to add Cllr Stephens as a signatory to the exisiting bank accounts.


Balance sheet as at 31 August 2021 pdf icon PDF 24 KB

Additional documents:


It was RESOLVED that the balance sheet be noted.


Payments made or due to be made to 30 September 2021 pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Additional documents:


It was RESOLVED that the list of payments made or due to be made which had been published with the agenda be ratified.


Proposal for installation of publicly available defibrillators in Bletchley and Fenny Stratford including a defibrillator to be located at the Irish Club in Fenny Stratford pdf icon PDF 233 KB


Following discussion of an officer’s report it was RESOLVED to recommend to full Council that an outdoor defibrillator  be provided for the community to be located at the Irish Club at Manor Fields, Fenny Stratford at a cost of £1,466.66 to the Town Council the Irish Club having agreed to supply electricity to the unit and to incorporate checking into their weekly routines.


It was further RESOLVED to recommend that the Town Council should provide a phased programme of defibrillator installation across the area to include Fenny Stratford Community Centre, the Lakes Estate and other priority locations to be agreed.



Report on progress with arrangements for festive lights installation and approval of costs for improvements to infrastructure in lighting columns and costs for the lighting hire, installation and removal


Members reviewed quotations for infrastructure works and lighting displays for Christmas 2021.   The Clerk advised that the lighting display depended on co-operation from MK Council and its lighting contractors and at the present time it had not been possible to secure the information and permissions required to confirm the feasibility of providing the proposed display.  A meeting had been arranged with the Interim Head of Highways at MK Council to progress this and Cllr Darlington was offering support.


It was RESOLVED to approve column infrastructure works at a cost of £2,564.40 and festive display product rental at a cost of £2,392.00 and installation and removal at a cost of £925.00 which would enable provision of the same light display as in 2020.  All works would be undertaken by Lamps and Tubes.


It had been hoped to install additional decorations to a group of trees in Stanier Square at a cost of £4,056.20 for outright purchase of 16 mistletoe stars and purchase of control gear.  However this depended on installation of a ground mounted feeder pillar and this was now  unlikely to be able to be secured in time as it relied on co-operation from MK Council and Ringway.  Had this been possible a further cost of £1,848 would be involved.    It was RESOLVED to note the position.


Purchase of council branded gazebos for use at future community events

(Quotations to be tabled.)


In anticipation of the Christmas event and other community events research had been undertaken on costings of additional branded gazebos for the Town Council.  The current gazebos on the asset register were reaching the end of their life but were still in useable condition provided new weights were purchased.  Provision had not been made for this in the budget for 2021-2022.  Replacement of the fabric covers to put on the existing frames had been found to be  more expensive than purchase of new gazebos.  The best price obtained for a 3m x 3m gazebo with 3 full walls and branding was £1350.18 (excl VAT). 


It was RESOLVED to recommend to full council that 3 gazebos be purchased and that replacement weights be purchased to enable the existing gazebos to continue to be used funding to come from the Repairs, Maintenance and Equipment EMR (316) which currently stood at £88,825.97.




Options for removal of snooker tables from Fenny Stratford Community Centre


The Clerk noted that the best price for removal of the snooker tables obtained to date had been £800 per table to relocate from ground floor to ground floor and £400 per table to dismantle, remove and dispose.  The same contractor offered the option of a £50 to advertise the sale of the tables on a specialist website but had indicated that there was no guarantee of a sale and the website included many tables which were free but with collection costs to be borne by the recipients.  The removal of the tables was urgent to permit redecoration of the Community Centre to be completed, the Town Council had nowhere else to store the tables and would be forced to hire storage space if the tables were to be retained.   The Town Council had received two expressions of interest in the tables from the community since the September newsletter had gone out and these were being pursued.


It was RESOLVED that officers be instructed to use 8 October 2021 as the deadline by which arrangements should be made for donation of the tables and if no arrangements had been made by this date the tables should be disposed of at a cost of £400 per table.


Arrangements for development of 2022-2023 budget, action/service delivery plans for 2022-2025 and five year financial plan including approving detailed costs for external support on VAT and financial planning previously agreed in principle pdf icon PDF 171 KB


Members noted  the planned timetable for the preparation of the budget for 2022-2021 and the setting of the precept as follows.

2 November 2021 – Finance Committee First Draft

30 November 2021 – Finance Committee Second Draft

4 January 2022 – Finance Committee Third Draft

11 January 2022 – Full Council Final Draft and Precept Setting

It had previously been agreed at full council  to seek professional support with development of a medium term financial plan and arrangements had been delegated to the Finance Committee.  It was RESOLVED to approve a proposal from DCK Accounting Solutions for 12 days consultancy support at a cost of £6,500 (excl VAT) plus any additional expenses. The work agreed would include a situational analysis and bench marking against current best practice and the new Local Council Award Scheme, development of delivery plans and a medium term financial plan.  The outcomes would include a refined budget for 2022-23, a review of all EMRs, a medium tern financial plan looking forward 5 years which would identify the longer term implications of decisions and effects on precept and reserves and an active spread sheet which could be used to provide the ongoing basis of a rolling plan.



Review of a draft risk register for the Town Council for the year 2021-2022

(No changes proposed to existing Town Council Risk Management Strategy.  Review of Risk Register only.)


A draft risk management register had been provided for Members’ comments and it was agreed that this document would be reviewed further by officers and members and a final draft considered at the next meeting of the Finance Committee.  The Clerk highlighted the important governance role of all members of the Committee and the Council in managing risk and encouraged members to read the document in detail. It was confirmed that the risk management strategy itself would not be reviewed.


Confidential update report on potential property acquisitions including structural survey on a property in Bletchley and Fenny Stratford


Members discussed a confidential pre-acquisition report on the purchase of a property in Bletchley and Fenny Stratford.  The Clerk gave an oral update on progress with the purchase negotiations and progress with a Community Asset Transfer application which had been submitted to MK Council.


It was RESOLVED that officers continue work on the purchase and obtain any further specialist reports as recommended in the pre-acquisition survey.



Completion of limited assurance review for the year ended 31 March 2021 pdf icon PDF 533 KB

Additional documents:


It was RESOLVED that the completion of the external audit for the year 31 March 2021 be noted.  There were no matters brought to the attention of the Council.  The public notice confirming conclusion of the audit was also noted and it was confirmed that this matter would be reported to full council on 5 October 2021.