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The Grove, 25 St. John’s Street, Hythe, Hampshire, SO45 6BZ

Serving the Communities of Dibden, Dibden Purlieu and Hythe

Tel: (023) 8084 1411   




1.0  Introduction

Hythe and Dibden Parish Council operates a grants scheme for voluntary and non-profit making groups who are involved in community projects and iniiatives that are of benefit to the communities in Hythe and Dibden..

The Council aims to ensure that the application process is easy to understand and made clear to all applicants, while at the same time ensuring sufficient information is gathered to promote value for money, fairness in decision making, public accountability and avoidance of fraud or misuse of funds, reflecting the highest standards of public sector financial management.  Groups who are interested in applying for a grant are advised to contact the Council in the first instance to check whether the grant outline meets the criteria set by the Council. 

2.0 Criteria for funding

2.1       Grants are awarded to groups who are involved in community based projects and initiatives that will benefit the Parish area. The grants are intended to invest in communities to bring about a positive and lasting change for the benefit of the community.

Projects and/or initiatives will be assessed on their ability to contribute to the achievement of the Parish Council RevitalHythe priorities and neighbourhood Plan objectives which are:

2.1.1 RevitalHythe Priority Topics

·         Environment

·         Economy

·         Social and Community

·         Transport


2.1.2 Neighbourhood Planning Objectives

·         To require high standards of design quality in the built environment

·       To seek opportunities for landscape, recreational and ecological enhancement and preservation whilst minimising environmental impact resulting from development


·         To provide suitable housing opportunities for the local community

·         To promote public health and wellbeing

·         To secure and support existing and new transport provision as an alternative to the use of private vehicles for commuting journeys

·         To enhance the prospects for employment locally

·         To provide the recognised community services for the local community

·         To reduce crime, anti-social and nuisance behaviour

·         To reduce the likelihood and impact of flooding through coastal and riverine causes

·         In the event of major port development on the Dibden Bay reclaim, to create a multifunctional buffer zone to positively manage the interface with the surrounding land

Further information on these priorities and objectives can be found on the Council’s website

2.2       Grants will be awarded for one-off project costs e.g. purchase of equipment, building work, refurbishment  costs, etc.

2.3       Grant applications will be considered for non-recurring expenditure only, therefore operational running costs, general maintenance costs (energy bills, insurance), or ongoing staffing costs will not be funded unless the application is for start-up costs.

2.4      Applications will be considered from constituted groups only, we do not accept applications from individuals.

2.5                   We will not normally accept more than one application for funding per organisation or group in any one financial year. We may accept more than one application from the same group for clearly identifiable different projects in the same financial year.

2.6      Projects from Schools and Churches or other religious groups cannot be funded unless they have a clear wider non-religious community benefit e.g. a church hall that is used by local community groups. 

2.7      Organisations or groups that operate a policy of exclusivity or have a closed membership and is thereby not open to any member of the public will not be considered for funding.

2.8       Grant applications will not be considered from political organisations.

2.9       Grants will not be awarded retrospectively i.e. grants will only be awarded for work or resources still to be purchased at the time the application is made.

2.10    Organisations or groups with outstanding Project Reports for previous grants will not be considered for funding.

3.0  The application process

3.1       Applications for funding should be made on our application form and supported by all requested supporting documentation.

3.2       Application forms are available from the Council’s website  or they can be requested from the Parish Council office  at The Grove, 25 St John’s Street, Hythe.  02380 841411

3.3       You can fill in an electronic version of the application form and email it to us but you will also need to provide us with the accompanying documents in the email by scanning them.  If you call into the office we can take photocopies.  Electronic signatures are permitted.

3.4       We require the following supporting documents:

            3.4.1 A detailed breakdown of all costs associated with your application

3.4.2 A copy of a recent Bank Statement for all accounts held in the name of your group.

3.4.3  A copy of your most recent accounts

             3.4.4 Your Equal Opportunities Policy or Statement

3.4.5  Your Constitution or other governing documents.

3.4.6 Your safeguarding children and/or adults policy where appropriate.

3.5       Incomplete applications or applications that do not include all of the above documentation cannot be considered for funding.

3.6       We may contact you to ask for more details about your project or possibly arrange to visit your organisation and we will be pleased to help you with any queries you may have in relation to the supporting information you are required to provide. 

4.0       How your application is dealt with

4.1       When we receive your application for funding we will make an initial assessment to check that the application is eligible for funding against the criteria of the scheme and that all supporting documentation has been provided and we will acknowledge receipt of your application.

4.2       Your application will be passed to the Grants Group (made up of councillors) for their consideration and they will make a recommendation to Council

4.3       You are very welcome to attend the Council meeting that will consider the recommendation however we will inform you of the decision as soon as possible.  If you have been successful we will arrange for the funds to be released as per your preference.

5.0       Payment of funding

5.1       Funding can now be paid directly into a group or organisation’s bank account or it can be paid by cheque.

6.0     Project reports (PR’s)

6.1       As part of the conditions of funding you are required to complete and return a Project Report (PR) within six months of receiving funding.

6.2       The PR is designed to assist you in evaluating the success of your project or initiative and also provides an evidence base for the council’s internal audit process. As part of the PR you will be required to provide supporting documentation e.g. receipts, invoices, bank statements, etc to evidence the expenditure of the funding awarded.

6.3       Organisations or groups who do not complete and return a satisfactory Project Report may be required to return their funding and will not be considered for future funding.

7.0       Promotion of our funding support

7.1       We request that groups and organisations recognise the Council’s funding support by highlighting this on all promotional materials in relation to the project or initiative e.g. acknowledgement in any press releases issued by the group, posters, flyers, website, etc.

8.0       Privacy Notice

8.1       For details on the Council’s Privacy Notice please see the Council’s website or you can obtain a copy from the Council office at the Grove, 25 St Johns Street, Hythe. 02380 841411

8.2     We will use your personal data provided on the application form for the purpose of administering the grants process.  If you consent in Part One we will share your details with other groups who may wish to contact you.