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Community Development Committee

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Information about Community Development Committee

Terms of Reference

The Community Services Committee will be responsible for matters relating to all events staged, managed or involved with in relation to the Town. This will involve the preparation and management of event planning and gaining relevant permissions required.


1.         Membership

Seven elected Members.

Invited officers and volunteers to enable events to be run, who have will have no voting rights.


2.         Delegated Business


The Committee has been delegated to deal with the following matters to conclusion:


2.1.      All community events

2.2.      Community activities

2.3.      CCTV

2.4.      Marketing and Promotion

2.5.      Business Support such as Car Parking refunds

2.6.      Civic Awards

2.7.      Review all budget lines and monthly accounts for all events

2.8.      Prepare regular reports to the Asset Committee


3.         Referred Business


To consider and make recommendations to the Town Council on the following



3.1.      Budget estimates, to be prepared no later than September each year and submitted to the Asset Committee

3.2.      Any other matters referred to the Sub-Committee by the Asset Committee