Committee details

Full Council

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference

The following matters shall be reserved for decision by the Town Council, but the

appropriate Committee(s) may make recommendation for the Council’s  consideration:-


·           The Precept;

·           Borrowing money;

·           Making, amending or revoking Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Duties and Powers of Proper Officer provisions;

·           Making, amending or revoking By-laws;

·           Making of Orders under Statutory Powers;

·           Matters of principle or policy and adoption of Council Policy.

·           Consideration of comments and recommendations made by the Internal or External Auditor.

·           Nomination or appointment of representatives of the Town Council on any authority, organisation or body, (except approved conferences or meetings);

·           New powers or duties;

·           Prosecution or defence in a Court of Law;

·           Nomination or appointment of representatives of the Council to any enquiry on matters affecting the Town;

·           Receive Reports and recommendations referred to the Town Council from the various Committees/Sub-Committees;

·           Authorise the sealing of various documents with the Common Seal;

·           To appoint representatives on outside bodies or joint bodies;

·           To confirm the appointment of the Town Mayor/Deputy Town Mayor;

·           To confirm the schedule of meetings of the Town Council/Committees/Sub-Committees for the ensuing year.

·           Any other matters not delegated to a Committee or Sub-Committee or referred to the Council by Committees or Sub-Committees.


Contact information

Support officer: Linda Roberts - Town Clerk.

Postal address:
Town Hall
Market Place
SN12 6ES

Phone: 01225 704187