Committee details

Economic Development and Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference

The Economic Development and PlanningCommittee will meet to consider all planning applications in the town.

Comments will be sent to Wiltshire Council as part of their consultation procedure. The aim is to use guidance contained in the National Planning Policy Framework, Planning Law, Wiltshire Council’s Core Strategy, Policy and Periodic Planning Guidance notes to preserve and enhance the town’s character, whilst encouraging its commercial and social vitality. It will also consider the contents and desires laid out in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and emerging Local Plan.


Where appropriate, planning applications submitted in the Parish of Melksham Without may also be discussed and commented on if relevant to the Town Council.


Highway issues raised for the Community Area Transport Group (CATG), Emergency Planning and Flood Plans will also be managed by this Committee


1.         Membership:  Nine elected Members


2.         Delegated Business


The Committee has delegated authority to deal with the following matters to conclusion:



2.1.      At meetings to consider all planning applications sent for consultation by Wiltshire Council.

2.2.      To comment on behalf of the Town Council on planning applications having due regard to Town Council policy.

2.3.      To delegate the power to the Town Clerk in discussion with the Town Mayor or Deputy Town Mayor, to make recommendations to Wiltshire Council on minor revisions to applications for which there is insufficient time to call a planning committee meeting. The exercise of this power should be consistent with established practice and policy of the committee, where defined, and shall be reported to the next planning committee meeting.

2.4.      To deal with requests for street naming.

2.5.      To deal with consultation requests for street trading licences.

2.6.      To deal with any matters pertaining to the Licensing Act 2003.

2.7.      Refer all Highway Issues through the relevant portal for the Community Area Transport Group.

2.8.      Develop and manage all Emergency Plans.

2.9.      Rights of Way and Footpath matters.

2.10.    Equipment within the area of its responsibilities and not under the control of any other committee.

2.11.    Receive petitions and deputations from the general public or any organisation.


Economic Development

3.1       To be responsible for recommending to Council key decisions and actions required in relation to the economic development of the town.

3.2       Approving and overseeing the delivery of any relevant service strategies which affect:

          economic development

          investment in the town centre

          to oversee and implement the town centre visioning exercise

          approving the establishment of external partnerships where they are relevant to the economic development of the town

3.3       Approving and monitoring funding sources and mechanisms to assist with various initiatives, projects and actions within the remit of economic development.



4.1       To prepare, scrutinise and monitor the budget for the committee.

4.2       Delegated authority to spend a sum not exceeding £10,000.00 from the General Reserve for projects which the committee believes will support the economic development of the Town.


Referred Business

To consider and make recommendations to the Town Council on the following matters:

5.1.      Any other matters referred to the Committee by the Town Council.

5.2.      All Planning applications of a major strategic nature.

5.3.      Consultations on any strategic plans produced by the Principal Authority, Wiltshire Council, such as Boundary Reviews, Local Development Framework, Local Plans or any such documents relevant to the Town.


Contact information

Support officer: Town Clerk.

Postal address:
Town Hall
Market Place
SN12 6ES

Phone: 01225 704187