Committee details

Asset Management Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference

The Asset Management Committee is responsible for matters relating to all Assets owned by the Town Council. This includes the Town Hall, Assembly Hall, Grounds Maintenance, Street Furniture, Public Toilets, and all Council Land.


1.         Membership


Nine elected Members.

Invited officers relevant to the management of Assets, who will have no voting rights.


2.         Delegated Business


The Committee has been delegated to deal with the following matters to conclusion:


2.1.      To consider and resolve issues relating to the administration and maintenance of the Town Hall, Assembly Hall and all other properties owned by the Town Council, all public owned spaces, play areas, allotments and closed Churchyard

2.2.      To maintain existing bus shelters and street furniture and consider provision of new items where necessary within approved budgets

2.3.      To manage and lead the process of redeveloping the Assembly Hall

2.4.      Review project management of King George V Playing Field and make regular reports to F&A Committee

2.5.      Review all budget lines and monthly accounts for all Assets listed, managing relevant budget lines allocated. Regular reports to F&A

2.6.      Maintain the asset register and ensure it is regularly updated

2.7.      Have oversight of the fabric of the buildings also and the use of the building and the profitability/business case for said use


3.         Referred Business


To consider and make recommendations to the Town Council on the following matters:


3.1.      Budget estimates, to be prepared no later than September each year and submitted to the F&A Committee

3.2.      Any other matters referred to the Committee by the Town Council

3.3.      All matters referred by the KGV Sub-committee


Contact information

Support officer: Linda Roberts, Town Clerk.

Postal address:
Town Hall
Market Place
SN12 6ES

Phone: 01225 704187