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Staffing Committee

Purpose of committee


Melksham Town Council

                                    Staffing Committee – Reporting to Full Council

Terms of Reference


The management of the staff of the Town Council is an operational matter and firmly in the domain of the Town Clerk.


1.      Membership

Three elected Members plus the Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The Committee shall be appointed in every election year and remain in place for the term of office of the council, save for the Mayor and Deputy.

Members wishing to serve on the Staffing Committee should provide a summary of their qualifications and experience in the area of personnel matters.  These will then be placed before a meeting of Full Council for a decision as to membership.  Members of the Staffing Committee will be provided with training on an on-going basis, which they will be expected to undertake.


The quorum shall be THREE members of the committee. The committee will meet on an ‘as required’ basis.


2.      Authority

Local Government Act 1972, Sections 101 and 102.


3.      Delegated Business


The Council’s Standing Orders will apply to all meetings of the Committee. Unless the Council directs otherwise, the Committee may arrange to devolve any of its functions to a sub-committee or to an officer.

The committee will have the right to resolve to restrict access to the rest of the council, where, in the committee’s opinion, the papers and or information is deemed to be of a sensitive confidential nature.  Councillors will need to demonstrate a ‘need to know,’ if they require sight of any other papers produced by or for the committee.


In any case where there is the potential for an appeal or claim against the council for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal, before any information about the case is shared outside of the Staffing Committee and or the Appeals Panel, the time for appeal must have lapsed before the information can be shared.




The Committee has delegated authority to deal with the following matters on an ongoing basis or to conclusion:


3.1.       To deal with all matters affecting the appointment, discipline, salary and terms and conditions of the Town Clerk.

3.2.       To carry out the Town Clerk’s annual appraisal and agree objectives

3.3.       To deal with any grievance regarding the Town Clerk

3.4.       To deal with any staff matters referred to the committee by the Town Clerk, noting that all staff matters relating to the senior management team (SMT) are to be dealt with by the Staffing Committee (the SMT comprises the Head of Operations and the Deputy Town Clerk)

3.5.       To interview for SMT appointments, in conjunction with the Town Clerk, and make decisions where appropriate

3.6.       To consider, where referred by the Town Clerk, any matters emanating from the absence, grievance and disciplinary procedures contained in the Employee Handbook applicable to all members of staff employed by the Town Council

3.7.       Approve the awarding of contractual Scale Point increments, as appropriate

3.8.       To receive updates on staffing matters including restructuring and significant changes to job descriptions.


4.      Delegation to the Town Clerk


In accordance with Standing Orders, the Town Clerk shall be empowered to exercise and perform on behalf of and in the name of and without further reference to the Council or other such appropriate committee of the Council all powers and duies of the Council in relation to the following:-

            Staffing Matters


  • The overall management of the staff including the establishment of an officer organisation which facilitates the management of all activities, administration and services on behalf of the Council
  • The day to day supervision of direct reporting employees
  • The maintenance of staff discipline including taking appropriate action in accordance with procedures (absence, grievance and disiplinary etc)
  • The overseeing of the appraisal procedure for all other staff to ensure appropriate targets are set and the staff team undertake continuous professional development training
  • The maintenance and periodic review of terms and conditions of employment and job descriptions for all staff
  • To ensure that appropriate regard is taken of the Health & Safety Act 1974 as amended
  • To appoint temporary and permanent staff and implement salary and grading reviews, changes to responsiblilites and job descriptions as considered necessary subject to any expenditure being within budget.  (However, salary regrading outside of the agreed scale points to be confirmed and approved by the Staffing Committee).



Adopted by Full Council on 21 March 2022



Contact information

Support officer: Linda Roberts, Town Clerk.

Postal address:
Town Hall
Market Place
SN12 6ES

Phone: 01225 704187