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HR Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


The HR Sub Committee is responsible for all staffing matters for the Council and includes all training and development matters, including for elected Members. The Sub Committee will also be responsible for all Health and Safety issues and the relevant required annual risk assessments and prepare for Full Council.


1.         Membership

Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Chairs of Finance and Administration, Planning, Property & Amenities and Community Services


2.         Delegated Business

The Committee has been delegated authority to deal with the following matters

to conclusion:

2.1.      To advertise and arrange interviews for the appointment of a Town Clerk and make recommendations Full Council about said appointment

2.2.      To carry out the Town Clerk’s staff appraisal and agree objectives

2.3.      To agree and arrange training requirements for staff and Councillors within the agreed budget

2.4.      To consider, and bring to a final conclusion, any matters of grievance or discipline as outlined by the policies contained in the Staff Handbook applicable to all members of staff employed by the Town Council

2.5.      To discuss with the Town Clerk, and staff concerned, any issues relating to staffing levels and re-grading, pay levels and staffing structures and make decisions

2.6.      To receive and note annual and other appraisals and be the point of contact for any appeal

2.7.      To deal with any complaints made against the Town Council in accordance with the Council’s Complaints Procedure

2.8.      To deal with any staff complaint concerning the Town Clerk

2.9.      To deal with any staff matters referred by the Town Clerk

2.10.    To ensure that the Council complies with Health and Safety issues including the annual risk assessment procedure

2.11.    Any other personnel matters delegated by the Town Council

2.12.    Provide oversight that all (required) staff have been appropriately safeguard-checked if they work with children or vulnerable adults

2.13.    Approve content of Staff Handbook


3.         Referred Business

3.1       To interview for senior staff appointments and make decisions where appropriate

3.2       To receive updates on staff requirements and significant changes job descriptions


Contact information

Support officer: Linda Roberts, Town Clerk.

Postal address:
Town Hall
Market Place
SN12 6ES

Phone: 01225 704187