Committee structure

Full Council

The Town Council is responsible for decisions on the appointment of the Town Mayor/Deputy Town Mayor, Budget, Governance, Policy, Audit, Appointments to Bodies, and Legal proceedings.  The Council will also receive and consider recommendations from Committees/Sub-Committees.

Community Development Committee

The Committee will be responsible for matters relating to all events staged, managed or involved with in relation to the Town. This will involve the preparation and management of event planning and gaining relevant permissions required.

Economic Development and Planning Committee

The Committee will consider all planning applications in the town in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework, Planning Law, Wiltshire Council’s Core Strategy, Policy and Periodic Planning Guidance notes to preserve and enhance the town’s character, whilst encouraging its commercial and social vitality. It will also consider the contents and desires laid out in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and emerging Local Plan.


Where appropriate, planning applications submitted in the Parish of Melksham Without may also be discussed and commented on if relevant to the Town Council.


Highway issues raised for the Community Area Transport Group (CATG), Emergency Planning and Flood Plans will also be managed by this Committee.

Finance Administration and Performance Commitee

The Committee manages the Town Council’s budgets to ensure all expenditure is authorised where necessary and income is collected. The Committee also holds responsibility for all Grants issued and policy matters.

Asset Management and Amenities Committee

The Committee is responsible for matters relating to all Assets and Amenities owned by the Town Council. This includes the Town Hall, Assembly Hall, Grounds Maintenance, Street Furniture, Public Toilets, and all Council Land.

Working Groups

Working groups are often set up to investigate and discuss specific items of council business.  They generally hold private meetings with members of Melksham Town Council. Minutes and recommendations can be presented to Council.

Staffing Committee

The Staffing Committee is responsible for all staffing matters for the Council and includes all training and development matters, including for elected Members. The Staffing Committee will be responsible for all Health and Safety issues and the relevant required annual risk assessments for Full Council.