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Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

Monmouth Town Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications which are ultimately decided by Monmouthshire County Council which is the Local Planning Authority. All planning applications can be viewed on their website.

The Planning Committee consists of 9 councillors and meets regularly to consider planning applications received. Meetings are currently scheduled for Tuesdays, normally start at 6pm and are open to the public. Meetings are held in the Council Chamber of the Monmouth Shire Hall.

Members of the committee give due consideration to all applications received for Monmouth taking into account all information available to them. As far as possible, they try to make recommendations to MCC that are in accordance with planning policy which included such matters as:

  • Noise
  • Disturbance
  • Overlooking & loss of privacy
  • Nuisance
  • Shading/ loss of light
  • Over-development or over crowding of the site
  • Adverse visual impact
  • Detrimental effect on the character of the area
  • Design issues such as
  • Bulk/ massing
  • Detailing and materials
  • Over bearing/ out of scale or out of character in terms of appearance
  • Highway issues

The committee is also responsible for other planning related matters such as responding to consultations on planning policies that will impact on the town and influencing developer contributions.

The full list of responsibilities can be viewed in the Scheme of Delegation.

Agendas are issued on the Town Council’s website and on notice boards (when pandemic restrictions allow) with three clear days’ notice and set out the business to be transacted. All meetings are open to the public. Members of the public are welcome to speak at meetings but must make a request in writing at least the working day before the meeting.




Contact information

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Shire Hall
Agincourt Square
NP25 3DY

Phone: 01600 732722


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