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Cllrs. C. Knowles, Mrs. P. Smith and Kent County Councillor M. Hill.








To consider and, if approved, confirm and sign the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 13th July 2020 and Special Town Council meeting held on 10th August 2020 as correct records.


The minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 13th July 2020 and Special Town Council meeting on 10th August 2020 were agreed and would be signed at the earliest opportunity.








Residents may speak as of right on any matter for no more than 3 minutes subject to stating their full name and address before speaking.



(a)     Allotments. Cllr. Sugden spoke regarding the Town’s Allotments.  The William Judge Trust currently has 31 allotments off Bells Lane, all of which are in use.  There is currently a waiting list of 40 residents.  Cllr. Sudgen requested that now that the Tent1 development is nearly complete, the allocated Section 106 monies be used to purchase land within Tenterden for further allotments before the time runs out.  Cllr. Sugden reported that the Town Council did agree to appoint an agent to look for land and would like this actioned.  The Town Clerk reported that an agent was contacted but no land was found.  The main suggestion had been for there to be allotments next to the Pope House Farm development, but it was unclear what the position was with the build of the development; there is a large tranche of land the other side of the gas mains.  The Town Clerk agreed to follow this up. Cllr. Mrs. Walder asked whether the Town Council could put a call out on social media requesting land for sale as this may reach areas that the agent might not have explored.  Cllr. Sugden reported that, moving forward, the Town Council could be more active with planning developments and ask them to provide land for allotments.  It had been recommended that the next set of allotments should be either in St. Michaels or the West end of the Town.  Cllr. Carter enquired how many acres are needed or required for allotments as this will need to be included in any social media advert.  Cllr. Carter commented that the Town Council need to establish when the Section 106 funds will be available to the Town Council for the allotments.


(b)     PCSO Report and Police Matters.  Cllr. Mulholland reported that great monthly updates had been supplied by PCSO. K. Richards and he was pleased to see that she now has help and continues to look after Tenterden & St. Michaels.  Cllr. Mulholland noted that no mention had been made of the recent spate of anti-social behaviour on Silver Hill; damage to two vehicles, movement of directional signage; and theft of the sanitising station in our area.  Cllr. Mrs. Ferguson pointed out that the PCSO Monthly Reports were published before the incidents.  Cllr. Mulholland reported that last time there were issues around the Town, a meeting had taken place with the Police and PCSO Richards and the patrols were increased.  It was suggested that a request be made for this to happen.


Cllr. Mulholland reported that the Town Council had agreed to fund an electronic bicycle for the PCSOs and asked if this could be followed up now that we will have the space to store the bike as he believed this was what held up the purchase.  The Town Clerk reported that it was Kent Police who put a halt to the purchase not just a storage issue.  It was agreed that using the bicycle would contribute towards the carbon neutrality of the Town and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3411.



To receive, and if approved, adopt the decisions, recommendations and reports of the committees as described hereunder;

Subject to any specific questions or objections, the Minutes and Reports of the under-mentioned Committees will be taken as *read and, if duly seconded at this meeting, the delegated decisions within those minutes will be approved and adopted (subject to any inaccuracies in the minutes being identified later by those committees) as part of the proceedings of this section of the Town Council meeting. The following committee recommendations listed below shall now be voted on by a show of hands; *if circulated to Councillors no later than the day of service of the summons to attend the scheduled meeting.


Internal Committee; 13th July 2020 and 13th July 2020 (Special), 10th August 2020 and 10th August 2020 (Special).



External Committee; 13th July 2020 and 13th July 2020 (Special), 10th August 2020.



Planning; 6th July 2020 and 3rd August 2020.




Subject to any specific questions or objections, the Minutes and Reports of the under-mentioned Committees were taken as read and, being duly seconded, were approved and ADOPTED as part of the proceedings of the Town Council subject to the following recommendations which were voted upon by a show of hands.


Internal Committee; 13th July 2020 and 13th July 2020 (Special), 10th August 2020 and 10th August 2020 (Special).  Presented by Cllr. Miss. Gardner.



External Committee; 13th July 2020 and 13th July 2020 (Special), 10th August 2020.  Presented by Cllr. Nelson.



Planning; 6th July 2020 and 3rd August 2020.  Presented by Cllr. Crawford.





To appoint Reverend Jeanette Kennett as chaplain to the Mayor.



It was RESOLVED to appoint the Reverend Jeanette Kennett as Mayoral Chaplain for the 2020/21 Council year.  Reverend Kennett was welcomed to the role.




A presentation by James Fuller on the independent survey and High St Regeneration. The full survey will be brought to the attention of the External Committee.



(a)     Mr. J. Fuller, Manager of the Tenterden Original Factory Shop and founder of the Our Tenterden Facebook group presented the results of his recent public survey to the Town Council; the results were circulated with the External Committee’s agenda.  776 responses had been received, which was 11.8% of the Town’s population.  Respondents were a wide range of ages and postcodes, with 87% wanting the high street to survive and 13% not.  80% said the high street was relevant to them indicating that the older you are the more relevant it becomes; the High Street is not as universal as it could be.  With regard to three top priorities for the high street, these were: 52% would like more variety; 9% would like wider pavements for cafes and restaurants; 7% would like more markets on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  People do feel safe in the high street and 88% felt happy that shops had done all they could do.  Online shopping has increased and there is a shift of the 52-60 age group moving to the online market.  Mr. Fuller commented that these figures are for the Town Council to look into and to look at ways on how we can get people to shop on the high street.  Going forward, Mr. Fuller suggested that the Town Council could investigate widening pathways and look at a long term strategy with 30, 60 and 90 day plans.  Mr. Fuller had spoken to the Civil Society and was looking at a stakeholders meeting to move things forward. 


Mr. Fuller enquired how we assessed the success of the Late Summer Market event; the organisers had a footfall counter for their event, but we need a footfall counter for the high street to assess if the high street benefited. 


(b)     Cllr. Mulholland congratulated Mr. Fuller on the success of his survey in such a short period of time; the Town Council now have the statistics to back up what is needed in the Town.  With our new Town Centre & Tourism Co-ordinator Mrs. K. Nolan-Lyons in post, the information can be shared.


(c)     Cllr. Dr. Lovelidge thanked Mr. Fuller for the interesting information.  It was noted that the change in behaviour for before and after Covid for the ages 39-45 year olds had the greatest change.  Cllr. Dr. Lovelidge commented on the quoting percentages as for the pavement widening it is actually only 70 people out of the population that asked for this. 


(d)     Cllr. Mrs. Walder reported in response to the data on transport, that she is following up with Ashford Borough Council (ABC) on the LCWIP (Cycling and Walking Strategy) analysis which is offered through the Department of Transport to see if it is something we need.  ABC are keen that the Town Council join in and will keep the Town Council updated.  Cllr. Mrs. Walder also reported that with the Ashford Recovery Strategy, this is reliant on central government funding that has not been defined or determined.


(e)     Cllr. Mrs. Ferguson  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3414.



To reaffirm the Town Council’s qualification for the General Power of Competence. *



Tenterden Town Council’s eligibility for the General Power of Competence was REAFFIRMED with both the Town Clerk and Deputy Clerk holding the Certificate in Local Council Administration and two thirds of vacancies being filled by elected members.





(a)         The Cinema Project contains elements of both Internal and External Committees’ jurisdiction. To consider dealing with matters relating to the Cinema at Town Council rather than through individual committees.

(b)         To consider a response to points within the attached letter. *



The feedback from Tenterden Cinema Ltd in response to the Town Council meeting on 10th August 2020 was NOTED.  The following actions were RESOLVED.


(a)     Tenterden Cinema Ltd need to inform the Town Council which parts of the Pebbles they might not need.  It needs to be borne in mind that if the Town Council develops the top two floors, then there would be reduced funding available for the Cinema itself. 

(b)     The Town Clerk will keep Tenterden Cinema Ltd informed on the lease with White Stuff once agreement has been reached; this is currently commercially sensitive information.

(c)     A meeting will be arranged between Tenterden Cinema Ltd and the Town Centre & Tourism Co-ordinator.

(d)     It was agreed that the Tenterden Cinema should be a community project, but there needs to be a meeting to work out all the issues and agree on the road map. 

(e)     It was agreed that the Town Clerk will approach Burrell Foley Fischer to see if the costs of the project could be reduced and also see if it would be feasible to section off part of the building for other uses.  This would initially be a telephone conversation, but a budget of £500 towards the cost was agreed if required.




No Report.


No report.


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To note the August 2020 and September 2020 PCSO Monthly Newsletters.*

Additional documents:



The August and 2020 and September 2020 PCSO Monthly Newsletters were NOTED.




To note any written reports from outside organisations. *



The reports from Cllr. Nelson as representative to the Civil Society, Tenterden & District Chamber of Commerce, Tenterden Leisure Centre Trust, Tenterden Area Cycling Strategy Steering Group and KCC Parish Forum for Tenterden were NOTED. 





The Town Mayor welcomed Mrs. K. Nolan-Lyons, the new Town Centre & Tourism Co-ordinator to the Town Council and stated that she will be a great asset to the Town.