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Cllr. Mrs. K. Walder and PCSO. K. Richards.







To consider and, if approved, confirm and sign the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 9th November 2020 and Special meetings held on 14th December 2020 and 4th January 2021 as correct records.


The minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 9th November 2020 and Special meetings held on 14th December 2020 and 4th January 2021 were agreed and would be signed at the earliest opportunity.







Residents may speak as of right on any matter for no more than 3 minutes subject to stating their full name and address before speaking.



(a)         Covid Vaccinations.  Cllr. Crawford reported that there is active vaccine administration taking place at Charing Surgery, but asked if there were any further updates from Ivy Court Surgery as to when they may take place in Tenterden.  Charing Surgery is over the 10-mile radius of all Tenterden residents.  The Town Clerk agreed to liaise with the Practice Manager at Ivy Court Surgery and report back; he reminded Council that Tenterden did not have the facilities to administer the Pfizer vaccine due to the refrigeration requirements, but could not see an issue with administering the other vaccines.


Cllr. Carter asked whether we could find out from Ivy Court Surgery if the portacabins could be used for vaccinations with the non-Pfizer vaccines.  Cllr. Carter suggested helping the Surgery financially if it would help find a venue in Tenterden.  Cllr. Mrs. Ferguson reported that as Ivy Court were in a Primary Care Network with three other surgeries, it was not down to just them to decide where the vaccines should be administered, particularly with the Pfizer.  The Town Clerk agreed to liaise with Ivy Court’s Practice Manager to find out if they required any assistance from the Town Council.


Cllr. Knowles reported that it would be up to the CCG and logistics as to where vaccinations are administered.  Cllr. Knowles reported that a third centre has now opened up in central Ashford.


(b)         2021 Census.  Cllr. Crawford reported that the 2021 Census will be on 21st March 2021 this year.  Cllr. Crawford asked what responsibilities do the Town Council have on publishing this information and do we offer to help distribute the forms.  The Town Clerk reported that for previous Census’, the distribution was handled by a separate body, however we could publicise the date.


(c)         Sports Facilities.  Cllr. Carter reported that back in November 2020 at the Project Overview Sub-committee meeting, it was agreed that a local landowner would be met regarding potential sports facilities.  Cllr. Carter asked that this be followed up as soon as possible.


(d)         Dog Warden.  Cllr. Parkin asked how many Dog Wardens there were covering the Borough and do they come to Tenterden.  Cllr. Parkin reported that the Dog Warden needs to be out and about in Tenterden around 6am in the mornings as the Town is currently a disgrace with the amount of dog fouling which seems to be taking place first thing.  The Town Clerk reported that there is just one Dog Warden who carries out spot checks, however, in order for him to investigate specific fouling, he needs to be informed of exact areas.  Cllr. Knowles commented issues regarding dog fowling, dead animals or flytipping can all be reported to Ashford Borough Council online.




A presentation by Homewood School Students on their recent Youth Survey.*

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Dr. Tyson, who teaches on the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme at Homewood School, presented the findings of a survey undertaken by the students.  This survey was carried out as it had been identified by our Town Centre & Tourism Co-ordinator that the last public survey did not seem to include the younger generation’s views and she was keen to make the link with Homewood School students.


Dr. Tyson reported that a quarter of those students who completed the survey lived locally, with half the respondents’ male and half female so there was a balanced view.  There were a range of ages, with half the number of respondents being aged 13-16 years.


One of the highlighted results was the lack of knowledge of the history of Tenterden and it was agreed that this would have been addressed if the second Archives Exhibition had of taken place last year. 


The respondents liked the idea of a cinema in Tenterden, but given the option of screenings being held at the Sinden Theatre, this did not appeal.  This may be due to the feeling of going into school again.  The students would also like to see a skate park in Tenterden.


Students Adam and Daniel who took part in producing the survey reported that respondents would like more modern shops in Tenterden, e.g. fashion shops or sports shops which would be more suitable to their age group.  Adam reported that there was overwhelming support for a fast food restaurant and felt that the majority of shops were orientated towards the older populous.  


Cllr. Nelson commented that a significant proportion of respondents said they only felt safe coming into town during the day and asked if we could find out why.  With many respondents also saying that they wanted a cinema, but not in the Sinden Theatre, we would also like a follow up on why not.  Dr. Tyson agreed to clarify the queries with the students and in particular investigate the age of those who did not feel safe coming into Town in the evenings.


Cllr. Hickmott commented that the respondents had mentioned a skate park, but wondered if any had mentioned football.  Dr. Tyson reported that it maybe it was because Homewood School has as 3G pitch so it did not come up.


Town Centre & Tourism Co-ordinator Ms. K. Nolan-Lyons asked the students whether in ‘normal times’ they would always look online for something in shops first and then go to that shop or would they just go to the shop if it was local?  Daniel responded that postage would be an issue for students, so if the shop was local they would just go in.  Dr. Tyson asked the students whether for football they saw a need for more facilities; Daniel responded that some said they wanted places to play.


Ms. Nolan-Lyons commented that fast food outlets are not great for people’s health and wondered how we could educate the students to eat fresh food rather than fast food.  Adam reported that maturity  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3462.



To receive, and if approved, adopt the decisions, recommendations and reports of the committees as described hereunder;

Subject to any specific questions or objections, the Minutes and Reports of the under-mentioned Committees will be taken as *read and, if duly seconded at this meeting, the delegated decisions within those minutes will be approved and adopted (subject to any inaccuracies in the minutes being identified later by those committees) as part of the proceedings of this section of the Town Council meeting. The following committee recommendations listed below shall now be voted on by a show of hands; *if circulated to Councillors no later than the day of service of the summons to attend the scheduled meeting.


Internal Committee; 9th November 2020 and 9th November 2020 (Special), and 14th December 2020.



External Committee; 9th November 2020 and 14th December 2020.



Planning; 2nd November 2020 and 7th December 2020.




Subject to any specific questions or objections, the Minutes and Reports of the under-mentioned Committees were taken as read and, being duly seconded, were approved and ADOPTED as part of the proceedings of the Town Council subject to the following recommendations which were voted upon by a show of hands.


Internal Committee; 9th November 2020 and 9th November 2020 (Special), and 14th December 2020.  Presented by Cllr. Mrs. Smith.



External Committee; 9th November 2020 and 14th December 2020.  Presented by Cllr. Nelson.



Planning; 2nd November 2020 and 7th December 2020.  Presented by Cllr. Crawford.





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PCSO Richards November 2020, December 2020 and January 2021 Monthly Newsletters. *

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The November 2020, December 2020 and January 2021 Monthly Newsletters from PCSO Richards were NOTED.  The Deputy Town Clerk reported on behalf of PCSO Richards that there has been an increase in number plate thefts in the Borough and residents needs to be vigilant.  She also reported that Kent Police do not follow social media therefore crimes reported on there are not logged.  It is imperative that victims of crimes/incidents or witnesses should report direct to Kent Police either by calling 999 if an emergency, 111, or online.



To note any written reports from outside organisations.



Cllr. Mrs. Smith thanked the Town Mayor on behalf of the Tenterden Chamber of Commerce for participating in the Christmas Shop Window Competition, of which Rising Star was the winner.




To adopt the changes to Standing Orders as adjourned from 4th January 2021 Town Council meeting. *



It was RESOLVED to adopt the following changes to Standing Orders as adjourned from the Town Council meeting held on 4th January 2021:


(i)      Standing Order 1w – remove reference to ‘1j’.


(ii)     Standing Order 3b – to be amended to read the following:  The minimum three clear days for notice of a meeting does not include the day on which notice was issued, the day of the meeting, a Sunday, a day of the Christmas break, a day of the Easter break or of a bank holiday or a day appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning.


(iii)    Standing Order 3l – was originally blank, but now reads:  Subject to Standing Order (m), a person who attends a meeting is permitted to report on the meeting whilst the meeting is open to the public.  To “report” means to film, photograph, make an audio recording of meeting proceedings, use any other means for enabling persons not present to see or hear the meeting as it takes place or later or to report or provide oral or written commentary about the meeting so that the report or commentary is available as the meeting takes place or later to persons not present.


(iv)    Standing Order 3m – this is a new ‘m’ and reads:  A person present at a meeting may not provide an oral report or oral commentary about a meeting as it takes place without permission.


(v)     Standing Orders 3m to 3y – these now become ‘3n to 3aa’.


(vi)    Standing Order 3q – inserted ‘and non-councillors’ following the words ‘of the councillors’.


(vii)   Standing Order 3t - a new iv to be added which reads:  the grant of dispensations (if any) to councillors and non-councillors with voting rights.


(viii)   Standing Order 3 – a new bb which reads:  If permitted by law, council, committee and sub-committee meetings can take place in any manner through any medium which permits those attending to hear and comment on proceedings.


(ix)    Standing Order 5k i – now reads:  In an election year, delivery to the Town Clerk by the Town Mayor and councillors of their acceptance of office forms unless the Council resolves for this to be done at a later date.   (NB failure to comply results in a casual vacancy arising). In a year which is not an election year, delivery to the Clerk by the Town Mayor of his acceptance of office form unless the Council resolves for this to be done at a later date;


(x)     Standing Order 5k xiv – change the word ‘insured’ to ‘insurable’.


(xi)    Standing Order 11 – title changed to: ‘Management of Information, including Handling Confidential and/or Sensitive Information’.


(xii)   Standing Order 11 – includes a new a and b as follows: (a) The Council shall have in place and keep under review, technical and organisational measures to keep secure information (including personal data) which it holds in paper and electronic form. Such arrangements shall include deciding who has access to personal data  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3467.