Agenda and minutes

Venue: Virtual Meeting

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To consider and, if approved, confirm the minutes and report of the meeting held on 1st October 2020.



The minutes of the meeting held on 1st October 2020 were approved with one amendment to be made:  the removal of ‘did’ in Section 8(a) Any Other Business – it should read ‘Justin reported that’.






Minute 6 – Mr. Doodle.  Claire Gilbert reported that she had contacted Mr. Doodle regarding a possible art installation in the West end of the Town.  The response received was that he was not taking on any further projects at this time, but they would be in touch when he is available.




Update on membership following the External Committee meeting held on 12th October 2020.




Claire reported that the External Committee at their meeting on 12th October 2020 approved the increase of non-council members from 3 to 5.


Cllr. Paul Clokie, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration & Corporate Property at Ashford Borough Council had asked to be co-opted onto this Sub-committee.  Cllr. Clokie’s appointment was approved.



To review and adopt the agreed Terms of Reference for the Sub-committee with the revision to the membership.*



The revised Terms of Reference for the Sub-committee were adopted.



Ashleigh Cornelius, CEO of a new app called Localise, will be discussing the benefits for Tenterden businesses.



Ashleigh Cornelius, CEO and Founder of the new app called ‘Localise’, presented the application to the Sub-committee.


Ashleigh is based in Kent and launched a beta version of the app which won an award.  He is looking to launch the Localise app pre-Christmas.   The app is mainly to support independent businesses, which is built in a social media framework.   The app is being launched in Maidstone and Ashford once the MVP is ready.  Localise works on a similar basis to Instagram and takes into consideration the local area.  You open up the app and it shows the independent businesses who are signed up.  This can be shown for instance by a video of breakfast being served at one of the cafes or a reupholstered armchair from a retailer, etc.  When users log in it will be a recent post in their location that shows up.  It is similar to other platforms on the shopper side, you can like or comment on a post.  The app also has a scoring points system for recommending and purchasing products.  Shoppers can store up the points and it is locked in the localise wallet.  You cannot withdraw it but you can spend it within the stores in the Localise app.  For instance, you can gain points recommending a product and then the person who you recommend to purchases that product.  You both gain points.  Those points could potentially be spent say in a coffee shop who are signed up to the app.  The idea is a consumerless cycle of spending creating revenue back into the high street.  It also helps retailers to promote products and business to local people.


The app is easy for users to navigate; they create a business profile, take pictures of their store and products and share.  The cost is £10 a month subscription fee for businesses. 


Keli Nolan-Lyons asked if training is required for the app.  Ashleigh reported that they were putting together YouTube videos, but they will have consultants going out personally to see if businesses are interested.


Emily Ditton asked if the app can it be integrated with other platforms?  Ashleigh reported that they are working on it.  Emily also asked if there has to be a certain number of businesses in an area using Localise to make it get off the ground?  Ashleigh reported that it did not matter and said that they will be keeping an eye on who will be downloading the app in different areas to ensure the shops on board.


Keli asked if the app is free for consumers to download; Ashleigh confirmed that it is free for shoppers.  Mike Carter asked whether ABC are going to support the whole of the Borough with the new app?  Ashleigh reported that would not be for him to discuss, but ABC did suggest getting in touch with Tenterden given the number of independent businesses.


Mike Bartlett reported that the app sounded like it might be a very attractive proposition for businesses and shoppers and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.



To consider the topics raised at the last meeting as follows:


        a colour palette for high street shop frontage;

        Coombe Lane Cemetery Footpath; look at getting this back up and running;

        Station Road Coach park extension into Cemetery;

        Train and Vineyard champagne signs at top of high street;

        proposed drawings to change the layout of the high street, which were designed by the High Street Regeneration Working Group;

        investigate the electric bus system that the Edmonds are considering for the town;

        planters on the high street at West Cross and put railings that would suit the planters along north side of the West Cross area.  The mud footpath that runs parallel to the parking bays down the West End as well.

        try and get going on the link from the Railway to the High Street;

        investigate whether people are interested in a shared office space hub;

        Gazetteer – maybe incorporate this with the Town Council’s Pear Mapping to do a map of the high street.


Attached are the Clerks’ comments to each section for information. *



Mike Carter suggested looking at the list of items suggested at the previous meeting and categorising into the top, medium or low priorities, or passing onto other sub-committees.


(a)         Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Car Parks.  Mike Carter reported that there is approximately £60,000(ish) waiting from Section 106 monies which could be used for getting ANPR installed in Tenterden at Bridewell Lane car park.  This could help with moving on the idea of a one-way system.  Justin reported that ABC were piloting ANPR in one of their car parks, therefore maybe they will consider rolling it out to Bridewell Lane.  Justin suggested asking ABC if this was the case; Claire agreed to ask parking services and also find out how it was working in Ashford.  Mike Bartlett reported that they already use this system at the Designer Outlet and it seems to work well.  Sue reported that a press release from ABC stated that the ANPR system was starting at Elwick Road car park and they will then roll it out. 


(b)         Colour palette for the High Street shop frontages.  Mike Carter reported that it has always been said that the Town should be black and white.  Emily reported that in other areas it does come into planning about specific colours and type font.  Justin suggested asking the Planning Committee to look into the designs; Claire reported that this would fall under the Conservation Area Management Plan and could be incorporated into those discussions when physical meetings can take place again.  Emily reported that she would like to be involved as she does this as part of her work.  Roger Quinton reported that there is a design team in the Neighbourhood Plan who are looking at this sort of thing. 


It was agreed that Claire will add this to the Planning Committee’s November meeting with a request to pull together groups to get a way forward in six months’ time. 


(c)         Coombe Lane Cemetery Footpath.  Mike Carter would like to resurrect the idea of installing a footpath in Coombe Lane Cemetery.  Mike reported that when the Robertsbridge link is complete it will dramatically increase the footfall to and from the Railway; we need to try and draw people up and into the Town.  Mike also reported that the Town Council are currently looking to purchase Coombe Lane Cemetery, therefore we need to review the footpath.  This task will be a medium to high priority, but the Town Council need to chase up on the negotiations with the Diocese.   It was agreed to keep this project under review.   Roger asked whether the Edmonds own Coombe Lane itself; Jean Curteis reported that the only own the section up to the gate at the bottom of cemetery.  They have said they are quite happy to have it as a pathway into the Cemetery. 


(d)     Station Road Coach park extension into Cemetery.  Mike Carter reported that the Town Council own a section of the land as you go into the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.



To consider if a budget should be allocated for Town Events which do not meet the Town Council’s current policies and criteria. *

Additional documents:



A request had been made by the Creative Market to consider creating a budget for Town Events which do not currently meet the Town Council’s policies and criteria.


Mike Carter asked how much the organisers were looking for.  Sue, who was one of the organisers, reported that it was not just the market that benefited from the event, to which over 1,200 people attended, but the High Street seemed to be busier as well.  Sue appreciated that the Town Council have their policies, but felt there was a need to think about things we would not normally have done given the issues with Covid.  The requirements for the market are low level and as a minimum, four sanitisers and 25 posters printed would help.  Sue reported that the Town Council had lent tables and barriers for the market, but it was a one-off.


Keli reported that she was receiving emails from various people with ideas of putting on events, or were struggling for venues, and was very aware of opening the floodgates to requests for funding.  Keli was mindful that it was a small amount being requested, however, Highbury Hall for example hold a monthly craft fair but do not ask for anything from the Council.   It was noted that the Creative Market stallholders were commercial businesses.  Keli reported that for those high street businesses that she has visited so far, the shops are actually doing OK given what’s going on with Covid. 


Justin reported that he understood the market was commercially successful.  If it was viable, then why are the organisers coming to the Council for money?  Sue reported that the market actually made a loss. 


Mike Carter asked Sue how they saw the next market running.  Sue reported that most of the stallholders made a lot of money from the event which was actually cheap to attend.  Moving forward, stallholders will be charged more.  Sue requested that a minimum of four bottles of sanitiser would help.  Justin asked who the organisers were; Sue reported that it was herself as MyTenterden, James Fuller from Our Tenterden, Jane Carter-Lilley from Flossy Watts and Stuart Medcalf who is a resident.


Justin reported that the Council was given the impression that the Creative Market was a great success and covered its costs.  In order to take the request for help forward, the Town Council will require more detail.   Roger reported that if the Town Council provides the Creative Market with hand sanitiser, then this would mean all the shops would have to be supplied as well to ensure fairness.


Mike Carter reported that we need to see how the Market worked, the plans, information on what they need and what the business plan is before funding is considered; this information needs to be presented to the Sub-committee at a future meeting.





(a)         Keli reported on signage for the Town in that she had contacted Historic England as they are handing out grants; they have been supplying funds to Chatham and Hastings. 


(b)         Keli reported that ABC had recommended the Town Council joining the Association of Town & City Management (ATCM), which may of benefit to us.  You pay £295 for the year and there can be up to 4 people on it at a time.  Keli agreed to circulate the link and a special meeting will be called next week to discuss this and potentially recommend it to the External Committee.


(c)         Keli reported that she had met with Clare Tyson who teaches at Homewood School.  Clare is going ahead with forming a Regeneration Survey for the youth demographic in Homewood School, which will be made by students and cover 11 to 18 year olds.  Once this has been carried out, they would like to present the findings to the Town Council.






Thursday, 22nd October 2020 at 7pm – a short meeting to discuss the ATCM proposal.


Thursday, 12th November 2020 at 7pm – full meeting.