Agenda and minutes

Venue: Virtual Meeting

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Mike Bartlett (TDCC).



None; this is the first Sub-committee meeting.


None; this was the first meeting.



To appoint a Chair for the 2020/21 Council year.


Cllr. Mike Carter was elected as Chair for the 2020/21 Council year.



To co-opt up to three non-Council members onto the Sub-committee.




Two new members were co-opted to the Sub-committee:  Mike Bartlett from the Tenterden & District Chamber of Commerce, and Emily Ditton who is a Tenterden resident working for a London based brand and interior design agency.  Both Mike and Emily will be asked to sign the Town Council’s Code of Conduct to allow them voting rights at future meetings.


It was suggested that Andrew Keates who was part of the High Street Regeneration Working Group should be invited to be a member.  The Deputy Town Clerk Claire Gilbert reported that James Fuller, Manager of the Original Factory Shop and Founder of Our Tenterden Business Team was unable to join the Sub-committee due to personal reasons.  The Sub-committee agreed to contact James and inform him that we would always be interested to hear his views should he wish to submit them.



To review and adopt the agreed Terms of Reference for the Sub-committee.*




The Terms of Reference for the Sub-committee were agreed, apart from the membership.  It was felt by members that limiting non-Councillor membership to three was low and would like to ask the External Committee that this be raised to five. 


Cllr. Justin Nelson suggested providing members of the public with the opportunity to submit questions to the Sub-committee for consideration at future meetings and also invite guest speakers to meetings on particular topics.



To identify and agree realistic targets for the next three months.




Cllr. Sue Ferguson suggested setting targets for 3 months, 6 months and a year rather than just the next 3 months as this would only take us up to Christmas.  Sue reported that she would like to see better signage in the lower high street, East Cross/Fairings and Coombe Lane.  Sue suggested using barriers strategically placed with a banner on them encouraging visitors to keep on walking to more businesses.  Keli Nolan-Lyons agreed with Sue on pushing footfall to the East and West ends of the high street and had communicated this to Sarah Barber (Tourism) at ABC as this has come through in the feedback from businesses so far.  Keli suggested that in the run up to Christmas, perhaps we should be looking at more signage around the town as whole.  Cllr. Roger Quinton suggested installing plaques on listed buildings which would provide some history about that building and there could then be a tourist trail around the Town.  Cllr. Mike Carter suggested that this could incorporate Smallhythe and other out of town historical buildings.  It was agreed that this idea could be fed back to other groups to try and take these ideas forward.  Claire suggested encouraging people on social media to visit Tenterden’s ‘West End’! 


Keli suggested looking at vertical signage through the Town or go bigger and bolder with banners on lampposts to attract visitors.  Mike commented that maybe a steam train or bottle of wine art installation could be put up at the top of Station Road to make people stop and take notice, especially those just driving through.  Claire suggested approaching Mr. Doodle to see if he would be interested in producing an art installation in his hometown; Claire agreed to follow this up. 


Roger wondered whether there could be a best dressed shop front competition leading up to Christmas and maybe put pressure on landlords to tidy up empty shops ready for our busy season.  Mike reported that we need to establish who could do this for a competition; maybe the Tenterden Chamber might be interested.  This competition is usually run by Christmas in Tenterden. 


Emily Ditton queried country walks around the Town and whether these could be advertised more.  Rye currently does this with regard to Camber Sands.  Emily felt that it may help people to stay longer in Tenterden and combine the walks with eating out and visiting the Town. 


Emily suggested creating more of a ‘deal’ of the Christmas lighting by backing it up with a proposition to make it more worthwhile coming to Tenterden, i.e. maybe restaurants do a ‘theme’ for a week.  Cllr. Justin Nelson suggested advertising all restaurants who are participating on a flyer. 


Mike reported that businesses away from the centre of town like for example the potato shop should be included in any high street promotions and maybe have a pop-up shop.  It was suggested that maybe they could use Market Square on the late night shopping evenings, but this would need to be organised  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.



To consider either purchasing or renting a footfall counter for Tenterden High Street.



The options presented for footfall counters for the high street were reviewed.  The prices were incredibly high and Claire reported that we had already approached Ashford Borough Council for possible funding, of which there is none.  Justin highlighted the option by Ipsos who were looking for £10,000 for a year for 3 sensors around the town.  Mike suggested talking to the Tenterden Chamber who might be interested in taking this forward as there does not seem to be an urgency. 


Justin reported that it would be good to have a benchmark of footfall now to see if it improves, which would then justify the spend.  Claire suggested asking shops/businesses to be more involved in the process to start with and maybe do a footfall tally of certain days of the week or when an event is on to see the differences.  It was agreed that Keli would add this question to her list when going round businesses on the high street next week.





(a)         Mike asked members to think of the following topics for inclusion on the next meeting’s agenda:


        a colour palette for high street shop frontage;

        Coombe Lane Cemetery Footpath; look at getting this back up and running;

        Station Road Coach park extension into Cemetery;

        Train and Vineyard champagne signs at top of high street;

        proposed drawings to change the layout of the high street, which were designed by the High Street Regeneration Working Group;

        investigate the electric bus system that the Edmonds are considering for the town;

        planters on the high street at West Cross and put railings that would suit the planters along north side of the West Cross area.  The mud footpath that runs parallel to the parking bays down the West End as well.  Justin did reported that KCC had rejected this idea before due to wheelchair users; Mike agreed to do a drawing for the next meeting.


(b)         Justin had the following ideas for consideration at the next meeting: 


·         try and get going on the link from the Railway to the High Street;

·         investigate whether people are interested in a shared office space hub;

·         Gazetteer – maybe incorporate this with the Town Council’s Pear Mapping to do a map of the high street.


(c)         Keli came up with the idea that with people struggling to get food delivery slots or other items, is there any way of forming a daily ‘man with a van’ Town delivery service?  It would need to be a co-ordinated service for independents.





Wednesday, 14th October 2020 at 7pm.