Agenda and draft minutes

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Cllrs. Mrs. J. Curteis, J. Nelson and P. Clokie (ABC).



To consider and, if approved, confirm the minutes and report of the meeting held on 11th February 2021.


The minutes of the meeting held on 11th February 2021 were approved.




(a)         Minute 43(c) – Hydrogen Buses.  To note that this is being investigated by both the Town Council’s Climate Change Sub-committee and the Civil Society.



(a)         Minute 43(c) – Hydrogen Buses.  It was noted that this scheme is being investigated by both the Town Council’s Climate Change Sub-committee and the Civil Society.


(b)         20mph Speed Limits – Tonbridge.  Cllr. Sue Ferguson reported the consultation closed on 3 March 2021.   The trial remains in operation whilst other monitoring and evaluation work is completed.  The trial will run for a minimum period of 12 months (until 30 July 2021) but can run for up to 18 months (until January 2022). The aim by KCC is to communicate the outcome of the trial by October 2021.  Sue also reported that the Civil Society are also exploring a reduction in the speed limit through Tenterden.




To review the background paper which will accompany the concept drawings to KCC and partners.  Confidential enclosures attached for members only. *

Additional documents:



The background paper to accompany the concept drawings to KCC was reviewed.  Emily Ditton asked whether something about what materials could be used can be added to the document, i.e. material for the widened footpaths.  Cllr. Mike Carter reported that when the Tenterden Improved Team were looking at improving the high street, they did discuss materials with KCC to ensure the right product was used. 


Alan Bates raised his concerns over the size of the roundabouts; they are not technically feasible in their current form.  Alan suggested seeing if there was a software package available to accurately work out if they are technically feasible. Mike Carter was keen to send off the current concept drawings to KCC to gauge their comments first. 


Cllr. Roger Quinton raised his concerns about the drawings, particularly focusing on the sketches provided by Alan and the sizing.  Roger commented that when the roundabouts are compared to the new Beacon Oak Road one, they would need to be substantial.  Roger felt that installing roundabouts would not be to regenerate the high street and suggested taking a step back to think of the things that would regenerate i.e. more seating, flowers, wider pavements and free parking. They would bring in more tourists and traffic. Roger also raised his concerns that the views of the Town’s businesses and shop keepers had not been sought.


Cllr. Sue Ferguson reported that the Government are very keen on stopping the red tape and getting towns back on track, but was unsure whether this would apply to roundabouts given the law on sizing.  Sue felt that we do need smaller roundabouts, but also a way to slow the traffic down.


Alan reported that most of the rules about designing roads fall under the Road Traffic Act and all the roadsides are covered by it.  Alan felt that it would be technically impossible for a lorry to get round the roundabouts currently proposed in the concept drawings; going forward we would need advice from the professionals.  Alan further raised his concerns as one of the roundabouts would take out three mature trees on the high street.  Mike Carter reported that this is not a scenario we would want to happen and that is why we need KCC’s comments.  The suggested scheme is for the next 20/30 years, not the next five. 


Sue suggested including Emily’s comments on types of materials to be used in the background paper and also add a note about retaining the high street trees if possible.  Mike Carter suggested all the comments are included in the background paper and then be sent off to KCC as we would ideally want them to include the ideas in their plans for next 20/30 years.


Keli Nolan-Lyons reported that by asking businesses for their comments on the concept drawings, the first question will be how much will it cost? We would need to know the figures.  Mike Carter reported that Tent1b is in the pipeline for being built and a roundabout at  ...  view the full minutes text for item 48.


UPDATE ON KCC WORK PROPOSALS FOR 2021/22 AND 2022/23. pdf icon PDF 332 KB


To note the proposal that has gone to the External Committee on 8th March 2021 for a schedule of works for 2021/22 and 2022/23. *



The Deputy Town Clerk, Claire Gilbert, provided an update on the current position.  The Town Council has agreed to put forward to KCC the Oaks Road/Golden Square/East Hill works for the 2021/22 financial year and Bridewell Lane/Highbury Lane for the 2022/23 financial year.





Mike Carter reported that he had been discussing with Keli how to regenerate the high street and also the impact of Brexit on businesses.  Keli reported that help is out there for everyone to understand, including the opportunity to ask the experts at Invicta Chamber.  There is a helpline for businesses and this provision has been extended. 


Keli had been speaking to many businesses regarding the ‘Maybe’ offer; she had contacted 45 businesses, but only 14 have engaged so far.  Keli reported that information is also being uploaded regarding help for businesses on the Town Council’s website and people should be directed there.  It can be found under ‘The Council’ and is called ‘Business Support & Funding’ and is updated approx. twice weekly. 


Keli further reported that the Town Council are holding their Covid Sub-committee meeting on Monday, 15th March to discuss what help we can provide to businesses which is both legal and within out remit.  The outcome of this meeting will be fed back to this Sub-committee.




To be confirmed.